Magimix Kitchen Appliances

Magimix Kitchen Appliances
Magimix Kitchen Appliances

Magimix Kitchen Appliances

The Magimix range of specialist kitchen appliances include the Multi-Function Steamer, Pro 350 Deep Fryer and a Metal Food Slicer. Professional quality machines and features for the home kitchen.

The Multi-Function Steamer is a healthy way of cooking food, maintaining valuable nutrients and flavours.

The Pro 350 Deep Fryer boats a professional quality cool zone that prolongs the quality and life of your oil. The three loop heating element and control panel can be easily removed for easy and thorough cleaning.

The Metal Food Slicer is built to professional standards and can be used for slicing meats, sausages, bread and cheese. Safety is paramount with a child safe two-stage operating procedure, on/off switch and storage lock. All appliances are covered by a 3 year guarantee.

Magimix Multi-Function Steamer - 4 settings: Steam, Fish, Reheat and Yoghurt. Two 5.5 litre stainless steel baskets. 2 litre stainless steel multi-function bowl. Glass lid with heat-insulated handle. 1.2 litre stainless steel water tank.

Magimix Pro 350 Deep Fryer - Cool zone for longer lasting and cleaner oil. Adjustable temperature control - 60° to 180° with 30 minute timer and auto-off. Three loop heating element. Thermal cut-out with reset button.

Magimix Metal Food Slicer - 19cm serrated blade. Fully adjustable from 0mm to 28mm. Extra large 20cm tray. Child safe two button operating procedure plus on/off button and storage lock.

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