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Mason Cash Pudding Basin

Mason Cash Pudding Basin

Mason Cash Pudding Basins

Mason Cash Pudding Basins are available in a range of sizes to suit all occasions. The classic white Mason Cash pudding basin is as recognisable as the iconic mixing bowl and no home kitchen is complete without one. These pudding basins blend high quality stoneware with functional design. The smooth, rounded shape of the bowl is designed to give puddings their distinctive shape and also allows for easy release when done. The rim is designed to allow you to tie a lid (usually made from greaseproof paper, muslin, foil or cling film) that will remain in place during the steaming process. It also acts as a grip when tipping the pudding bowl to remove the pudding. The base of Mason Cash pudding bowls is also vented to allow pockets of trapped air to escape easily when steaming. These basins are oven, microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe making them incredibly versatile and they can be used for preparing and serving all manner of foods, though they are obviously ideal for steaming Christmas puddings, or any other type of sweet or savory pudding.

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