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Melitta Filter Coffee Machines

Melitta Filter Coffee Machines

Melitta Filter Coffee Machine

If you are looking for a filter coffee machine, then Melitta is a great choice. The principle behind the Melitta filter coffee machine has changed very little since they launched their first electric version in the 1960s. Water runs from a water tank through a heater and then pours over ground coffee held in a filter. The brewed coffee is then stored in a glass or insulated jug. The resulting coffee is smooth tasting and full of flavour and aroma. The extensive range of stylish Melitta filter coffee machines build on this simple setup. 

Melitta filter coffee machines vary from the simple and more basic models in the Melitta Look and Easy ranges, to the Aromaelegance and Aromafresh models. The range topping AromaFresh Grind and Brew features an integrated coffee grinder for the freshest of flavours. Other features included on selected Melitta filter coffee machines include: A practical timer function so you can literally wake up and smell the coffee! An AromaSelector that allows you to vary the strength of your coffee, and a programmable hot plate to keep your coffee warm for up to an hour. Raise your coffee enjoyment today with a Melitta filter coffee machine. 

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  1. Melitta EPOS Gold Filter Coffee Machine 1024-02

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  2. Melitta Aromafresh 2 Grind & Brew 1030-05 Glass Jug

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  3. Melitta Aromafresh 2 Grind & Brew 1030-01 Pro Glass Jug

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  4. Melitta Aromafresh 2 Grind & Brew 1030-11 Pro Thermal Jug

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  5. Melitta EPOS Black Filter Coffee Machine 1024-01

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