OXO Good Grips Storage

OXO Good Grips Storage

OXO Containers - Pop Storage Containers

Oxo containers are an especially convenient kitchen storage solution. Specifically designed in different sizes and shapes, these oxo pop storage containers are constructed from BPA-free plastic. The containers have rounded corners to make for easy pouring and are designed so that containers with the same footprint will stack. That, along with the modular shape, ensures that oxo storage containers are able to make the very most out of your kitchen spaces, whether placed in a cupboard or kept on the kitchen counter. 

As with the entire OXO Good Grips range, these OXO Containers have been designed for ease of use. The contents inside the boxes are kept fresh with an airtight seal. This seal is activated by pressing down the button on the lid. Pressing it again releases the seal, and the button pops up so that it can be used as a handle. This means that the OXO pop containers can easily be closed and opened with one hand. It also means that the range is perfect for anyone who struggles with dexterity, or just anyone who finds it difficult or frustrating to grip, twist or pull lids off other storage containers, jars or boxes. OXO good grips containers are designed in a variety of sizes to cover kitchen storage for all types of kitchen staples, from flour, rice and pasta, to dried fruit or nuts. Plus, the boxes are dishwasher safe to make them really quick and easy to clean.

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