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Prices Candles was originally founded in Vauxhall, London in 1830 under the name Edward Price and Co. The name was changed in 1849 to Price’s Patent Candles Ltd, though today they are better known simply as Price’s Candles. As a pioneering manufacturer, by 1865 the company held 114 patents for different candle inventions and by 1900, Price’s Candles had grown to become the largest candle maker in the world. Even today, they still lead the way and are the largest candle supplier in the UK with a range that has expanded with demand, with something for every occasion. Following the development of the classic Sherwood dinner candle for Queen Victoria’s wedding to Prince Albert in 1840, Price’s Candles have held a Royal Warrant. They still hold a warrant to this day for Her Majesty The Queen, and have provided candles for a number of royal events over the years.

Price's Reed Diffusers

Whilst they do have a large range of both classic and fragranced candles, the company also produces reed diffusers. Prices’s reed diffusers are available in a range of different fragrances including some odour eliminating fragrances. Simply place the diffuser into the liquid and the fresh scent will fill your home.