In 1944 during the difficulties of WW2, Rolf Fahrenholtz and Stig Jørgensen founded Rosti. During the war and soon after, there was an apparent shortage of materials, but after creating some products in Bakelite, Rosti began to pioneer with melamine from America. Fast forward three years to 1947, Fahrenholtz and Jørgensen wanted to add a set of mixing bowls to the Rosti melamine products range. The pair set out to design a curved bowl that was spacious and high enough to allow whipping and stirring of contents, without it spilling over the sides, alongside a pouring lip and finished with a good handle to make the perfect mixing bowl for all households.

More than 25 million Rosti Margrethe bowls have been sold worldwide, and are available in a wide variety of sizes to suit all serving, baking and food preparation needs. Each Rosti Margrethe mixing bowl is constructed from melamine, which compared to plastic boasts a great advantage in holding its shape, even when placed into contact with very hot foods. As well as strong, scratch resistant and dishwasher safe, each bowl is equipped with an anti-slip ring for added stability. - The Margrethe classic collection colours includes shades: White, Red, Indigo. Black, Grey, Lime, Olive, Nordic Blue, Nordic Green, Nordic Berry and finally Nordic Blush. The Margrethe bowl from Rosti has since become an award-winning Danish design icon. Suitable not only for food preparation but as a serving bowl too.

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  1. Rosti Margrethe Mixing Bowl 500ml

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    Rosti Margrethe Mixing Bowl 500ml


    RRP: £7.95

  2. Rosti Margrethe 1.5L Colander

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    Rosti Margrethe 1.5L Colander


    RRP: £12.95

  3. Rosti Margrethe 4L Colander

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    Rosti Margrethe 4L Colander


    RRP: £19.95

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