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The HaptIQ range from Scanpan has been created for those who demand the best from their cookware, both in performance and style. The HaptIQ range epitomises the best in Danish design. Made in Scanpan's factory at Ryogaard in Denmark, HaptIQ combines traditional craftsmanship with the latest in production technology. Every piece of HaptIQ cookware undergoes a series of physical, manual and automatic inspections, ensuring that every pot and pan despatched is of the highest quality. Containing all you need for your kitchen - frying pans, saucepans, casseroles, chef and saute pans and a wok - Scanpan's HaptIQ cookware is made from a composite five-layer construction which gives this cookware its superior strength and characteristics. Suitable for use on all heat sources (including induction), a steel layer provides extra durability whilst the aluminum core offers optimal heat distribution. Each item of HaptIQ cookware features the revolutionary Stratanium+ non-stick coating, developed by Scanpan in collaboration with leading international gourmet chefs. The slightly rough and highly durable surface of this non-stick coating achieves a crispness to food that leaves other non-stick coatings wanting. It also provides optimum food release, meaning food won't stick and cleaning is both quick and easy. All Scanpan HaptIQ cookware is oven proof up to 260°C (including lids where applicable) and are covered by a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.

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