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Viners Cutlery

As a company, Viners have been manufacturing cutlery for over a century. As a result, they have a great deal of experience and are a trusted, much loved, and highly distinguished British Cutlery brand. The origins of Viners date back to the early 1900s in Sheffield. Viners have continued to maintain a tradition of using the best materials alongside the use of cutting edge technology. This means that they continue to produce high quality cutlery. The cutlery pieces that they produce are robust, elegant and rust resistant with an enduring finish. In addition, each piece is backed by Viners guarantee of excellence.

Many of the ranges produced by Viners utilise the finest 18/10 high quality stainless steel. This ensures the highest levels of durability and stain resistance. We stock a large selection of Viners Cutlery that encompasses both traditional and contemporary styles. Some of the collections include:

Viners Bead Cutlery. The bead pattern is so called due to the beaded border around the cutlery pieces. This dates back to Huguenot silversmiths in around the 1760s. They came up with the design to represent pearls, which were popular in the French court of the time.

Viners High Fashion Cutlery. This collection consists of 7 ranges of uniquely modern cutlery that still make use of traditional quality and workmanship. These sets are ideal if you are looking for everyday contemporary cutlery.

Viners 18/0 Cutlery Sets. A more affordable and everyday range, utilising 18/0, rather than 18/10 stainless steel. These sets have a mirror polish. They are still highly durable, coming with a 25 year guarantee.