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Chef's Choice 460 Multi-Edge Manual Sharpener

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Chef's Choice 460 Multi-Edge Manual Sharpener
Chef's Choice MultiEdge 460 is the world's most advanced professional manual sharpener. It combines the Chef's Choice proven and patented two stage system of precision angle control with new diamond technology that for the first time makes it possible to sharpen both straight-edge and serrated knives. 100% diamond abrasives carefully selected and optimized with different crystal form and size in each stage, create razor-sharp edges on both straight-edged knives and serrated blades.

Straight-edge knives are sharpened sequentially in two stages, each set at different and optimal angles to rapidly create double bevelled razor sharp edges that are stronger and stay sharp longer.

Serrated blades are sharpened in stage 2 where diamond crystals of specially selected form and size sharpen and straighten prominent blade teeth, creating ultra sharp micro-blades along the edge with minimal removal of metal. Sharpened knives cut easier and cleaner, with less effort and less tearing.

Suitable for right or left handed use

Length: 17cm

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