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No kitchen utensil collection is complete without the trusted potato masher.  A sturdy and versatile masher is a must-have for any home cooked meal, it makes meal preparation easier and can be used for a range of different jobs including breaking up minced meat, crushing biscuits and of course everyone’s favourite, mashing up potatoes and other root vegetables.

We have a wide range of potato mashers to choose from, from brightly coloured silicone, foldable space saving options and even eco-friendly organically crafted, traditional stainless steel potato mashers and smashers with a horizontal handle. No matter your kitchen decor or personal style, we have the masher for you.

All styles of mashers come with an ergonomic handle which allows for a comfortable firm grip for extra mashing power. Horizontal handle can be slightly kinder on your wrist and hands as it absorbs the pressure as you press straight down. Stainless steel or metal plates on mashers are a strong and very durable preference whereas potato mashers with nylon and silicone plates are suitable to use with all non-stick cookware and are designed to bend and flex to the contours of bowls and pans. 

Whilst the hand-held masher has a traditional design, which has not changed drastically over the years, its purpose is still the same - to provide creamy smooth mash. Potatoes mashed with a hand-held masher tend to be light and fluffy in consistency, this is because it reduces cell damage to the potatoes releasing less starch than other devices.

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