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A paella pan is a shallow cooking pan used to make Paella - that traditional Spanish dish of seafood and rice. Traditionally made from carbon steel and sold without a lid, a paella pan is wide with sloping sides and designed so that it distributes heat evenly. However, this type of pan can not simply be used to make the perfect paella, but instead is a versatile piece of cookware that has a range of uses and can be used to cook a variety of dishes. Many kitchen tasks that can be done by a frying pan can equally be done by a paella pan. In addition to the classic carbon steel construction, we also sell stainless steel as well as enamelled paella pan.

We stock a variety of paella pans which have different features. Some are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. Some may have a non stick coating whilst others may require seasoning before use. Many of the pans that we sell are suitable for a range of heat sources, including being suitable for use on different hob types including induction hobs. Some are also oven safe and suitable for use over an open fire.

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