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Gin Glasses

Gin Glasses

Gin Glasses

Gin is a real favourite drink at the moment and is on trend after seeing a resurgence in popularity over recent years. Gin is made from a distilled spirit, usually vodka, infused and flavoured with botanicals. We believe that if you're drinking any gin (especially a fine, artisan variety!) then you need a great gin glass to serve it in. 

We have a large range of gin glasses in different sizes and styles, all perfect for enjoying a lovely gin, whether a simple G&T or any gin based cocktail. Here's a breakdown of some of the gin glass styles that we stock.

Gin Copa de Balon
A real classic shape for a gin & tonic glass, the Copa de Balon is Spanish for 'Balloon Cup' and is also known as a Copa glass or a Balloon glass. The Copa de Balon is a stemmed glass that has a large round bowl with a wide opening. The bowl shape is designed to trap aromas of the gin inside the glass, giving a better taste. The large bowl also allows for plenty of ice to be added, and the shape prevents the ice cubes from melting too quickly. You might also find balloon style goblets which may either have a thicker stem, or a slightly taller and thinner bowl - more like a wine glass shape. 

Gin Tumbler & Highball Glasses
Both gin tumbler and highball glasses are perfect for gin cocktails. A tumbler is great for short mixers or gin with ice. For tall cocktails  that require a larger quantity of mixer, highball glasses are an excellent choice. 

Gin Cocktail Glass & Gin Coupe
If your gin tipple of choice is a gin martini then you may want to consider a classic cocktail glass. These glasses are designed for drinks to be served without ice and the wide brim brings out the aromas. The gin coupe is a similar style, though rounded instead and has become a more popular type of glass for strained gin cocktails. The advantages of a coupe glass are similar to those of a martini glass, but they aren't as easy to spill.

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