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Knife Sharpeners

Knife Sharpeners

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Knife Sharpeners

Our selection of Knife Sharpeners and Whetstones is a kitchen must have. Sharpening and honing your knife edges is an essential part of looking after your knives and keeping them in prime condition. This, of course will lead to better and efficient blades which will easily slice through food for precise cutting, completely minimize your food preparation time and increase the overall safety in the kitchen. 

Whetstones, also known as knife sharpening stones are regarded as the best knife sharpener at preserving your knives longevity and offering a superior result but are time consuming as they require a special skilled technique.These professional knife sharpeners are the must have go to for both European and Oriental knives. Whetstones do not always require lubrication with oil or water and can come in a variety of different grits for all types of knives. 

100-250 grit - to reshape and for repair chips and blunt knives

300-500 grit - designed to revive the edge of a dull knife

1000 grit - basic type of stone which is perfect for any type of knife

2000 grit - perfect for everyday sharpening

3000 - 4000 grit - between sharpening and honing but provide the best finishes for boning knives

5000 grit - ideal for western knives

6000 grit - basic finishing stone 

8000 grit -  designed to give you the ultimate sharpness and most polished blade and ideal for chef knives

Ceramic & Steel knife sharpeners are easy to use and are a more traditional way of honing and sharpening your knife blades. These types of kitchen knife sharpeners are best suited for regular usage in maintaining and honing the blades everyday and for knives which just need a little touch up to keep them in excellent condition. If you need to restore blunt knives use a diamond steel as these provide a tough abrasive surface to gain efficient sharpening. There are many versions of draw-through sharpeners but their purpose is still the same. Probably one of the most user friendly manual knife sharpeners available, simply place the blade between the slots and pull through, just don’t press too firmly when drawing the blade through. You will need to consider which model to purchase to provide the correct sharpening angle for your knives. These draw-through sharpeners are ideal for western knives. Electric sharpening machines are really simple to use, creating a razor sharp finish quickly and effectively with only a few passes of the knife. Please see our range of Electric knife sharpeners.     

Once knives have been sharpened and for you to get the most out of them - please store correctly to prevent knives becoming dull or chipped - see knife blocks cases & racks.

For more information on knives and knife care, please see our kitchen knife buying guide blog.

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