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Cheese Knives & Slicers

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Cheese Knives

Cheese knives are an absolute must have for any cheese lover. These specialised cheese knives are designed to make it easy to cut, serve, and enjoy cheese. Cheese knives are an essential tool for any cheese platter, whether you’re hosting a dinner party or enjoying a quiet night in. 

We stock a wide selection of cheese knives to suit any cheese lover’s needs. From basic cutting knives to more specialised tools like cheese slicers, we have something to suit all tastes and budgets.

The traditional cheese knife is an ever popular option. This type of cheese knife has a sharp, straight blade that is perfect for cutting firm and semi-firm cheeses like cheddar, gouda and brie, whilst also being great for cutting through rinds and hard crusts. They also typically have a pointed end to aid in serving. 

Other options include cheese slicers or cutters which are designed to create evenly sliced pieces of hard cheeses, and cheese knife sets which include a selection of cheese knives designed for different types of cheese.

We stock cheese knives in a range of different colours and styles, from traditional designs to elegant and modern styles. Made from high quality materials, these will last for years to come and you will be able to enjoy your cheese in style, or are the perfect gift for the cheese lover in your life.

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