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  1. Global Forged GF-35 30cm Blade Chef's Knife

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Chefs Knife

Without a doubt a chef knife is an essential tool for any kitchen. A favourite of both professional chefs and home cooks alike, chefs knives have a versatility which makes it ideal for a wide range of kitchen tasks. So much so, in fact, that if you were to own only a single kitchen knife, you should make sure it’s a chefs knife. Good chef knives offer a high level of control and precision, allowing for consistently accurate cutting. The blade should be kept well sharpened for a clean and safe cut with no slipping. Chefs knives come in a variety of sizes; smaller blades give a higher level of control, while larger knives mean you can cut large amounts more quickly. Professional chefs have lots to prepare which means they tend to favour larger knives, but typically a 20cm chefs knife is fine for the majority of kitchen tasks. You will also want to pick yourself up a decent chopping board and a bread knife - as chefs knives are not so good at cutting bread.

A chef knife is easily recognisable, with a large, broad blade that tapers to a point. The knife is designed to cut with a rocking movement along its curved blade, with some part of the blade always in contact with the chopping board. Chef knives are perfect for chopping both vegetables and meat, as well as dicing, slicing and cutting. We stock a wide variety of chef knives to suit all budgets, from value-for-money knives to top of the range chefs knives. You can pick up an individual chefs knife or chef knives sets, or could even get a full kitchen knife set

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