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Steak Knives

There is nothing worse than trying to hack your way through a tasty steak with a blunt table knife. Instead, you definitely want to make sure that you have the right tools for the job, and for steaks, that’s a good quality steak knife. Steak knives are specifically designed to cut easily through steak and other meats, with no worries about any tough parts. A steak knife is required for steak as cutting meat fibres with a sharp blade preserves the juiciness of the meat. We stock a large selection of steak knives which are perfect for your dinner table or ideal as a gift for any steak lover. You can buy individual steak knives if you need replacements, or a whole set of knives, or a combined set of steak knives and forks. There is a range of designs available so you can consider style as well as practicality and ‘wow’ your guests with stylishly designed steak knives. You may also want to look for a steak knife with a comfortable and ergonomic handle and a steak knife that provides a good balance between the handle and the blade.

Non-Serrated or Serrated Steak Knives?

We sell both non-serrated and serrated steak knives which each have different benefits. Serrated edged knives exert a higher pressure and therefore a greater cutting force on the meat meaning it is easier to cut. However, serrated blades cannot be sharpened as easily as non-serrated blades. The blade on a non-serrated steak knife must be kept sharp in order to be able to cut efficiently, but as long as it is sharp it performs well. Good steak knives are perfect for use at the dining table but if you’re looking to cut or carve then take a look at our carving knives. We also have a large selection of general purpose kitchen knives and knife sets.

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