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    Sku: KE3000

    Knife Wizard Professional Electric Knife Sharpener

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    Knife Wizard Professional Electric Knife Sharpener
    The KE-3000 will sharpen virtually any knife straight, curved, serrated and exotic Japanese steel knives to as new or better standard.

    The KE-3000 utilizes the same patented cushion contact system as the KE-280 producing the razor sharp and POLISHED edge finish which no other system can match but using a lighter frame, motor and transmission than it’s larger brother, the KE-280.

    The KE-3000 is ideal for an individual professional chef or simply a private individual, maybe a keen amateur chef, who wishes achieve the ultimate cutting edge their knives can achieve (it is a fact that the better the quality of the cutting edge steel, the better the ultimate finished edge)

    Each machine is equipped with a pair of fine abrasive belts. Once these belts have worn down (about 50 to 60 knife sharpenings) you can turn the belts around and use the other width. Other abrasives available are medium grit depending on the steel quality and condition of your knife. i.e. starting with medium and finishing your sharpening with fine abrasives.

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