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Sku: 9300760217

Le Creuset Teal Professiona Medium Spatula

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It is soft, strong, flexible and can withstand temperatures of up to 250°C

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Le Creuset Teal Professiona Medium Spatula
Le Creuset Medium Professional Spatula is the perfect size for preparing dense cake batters, such as muffins or brownies.The dual sided blade features a curved side for easy use in a mixing bowl, and a straight side for use in casseroles and saucepans. Le Creuset Silicone Utensils are designed to be comfortable to use and kind to cookware. They will not scratch cooking or food preparation surfaces, making them ideal for use with non-stick cookware. The heads are made from premium quality silicone and are fully removable for easy cleaning. The Silicone Professional Range feature helpful additional design features, such as grip rings on the handle for added control and a rim swipe to remove food from jars and bottles.

Due to the wooden handle, Le Creuset recommend that this part of the product be washed by hand.

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