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    Sku: MY14-G1457-00-187

    LSA Mixologist Cocktail Mixer Set

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    Set includes:
    2 Highballs
    2 Balloon Glasses
    2 Martini Glasses
    2 Stirrers
    Ice Bucket with Wooden Tongs
    Cocktail Jug and Stirrer

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    LSA Mixologist Cocktail Mixer Set
    Hold your own cocktail party with this LSA Mixologist Cocktail Mixer Set.

    This comprehensive set includes two Highballs, two Balloon Glasses, two Martini Glasses, two Stirrers, an Ice Bucket with Wooden Tongs and a Cocktail Jug and Stirrer.

    The mouth blown glasses feature the distinctive stepped design and thick stems that are characteristic of the LSA Mixologist collection.


    Highballs - Capacity: 400ml.
    Height: 15.7cm.

    Balloon glasses - Capacity: 520ml.
    Height: 18cm.

    Martini glasses - Capacity: 230ml.
    Height: 15cm.

    Ice bucket - Height: 14cm.
    Diameter: 12cm.

    Cocktail jug - Capacity: 1.6L.
    Height: 30cm.
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