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    Sinkstation Grey

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    Size: 34 x 27cm

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    Sinkstation Grey
    Size: 34 x 27cm

    The award winning Sinkstation is a revolutionary flat colander made for food preparation with a load of genuinely helpful uses in the Kitchen.

    Originally designed to just catch peelings (which it does brilliantly), Sinkstation can also be used to help prepare food which needs to be individually hand washed, drained, defrosted or rested.

    Organic vegetables (the ones with the mud on), salad leaves, leeks, corn, herbs, berries are all best washed and prepared on a flat, clean draining surface. The Sinkstation colander provides this hygienic, removable 'deck' at the base of your sink and helpfully allows the excess water to drain away underneath.

    For cooking delicate foods like filled pastas or par-boiled potatoes Sinkstation makes a great draining surface and because of its flat shape, it can be used to drain and 'steam-off' items that might usually break up in a traditional colander.

    For anyone who regularly finds the time to prepare fresh food, Sinkstation can be hooked behind the tap and put to good use every day, even if it is mainly for just catching peelings.
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