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Solis 5 In 1 Stainless Steel Table Grill

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Suitable for up to 8 people,
Independent cooking controls,
Double sided grill

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Solis 5 In 1 Stainless Steel Table Grill
The Solis 5 in 1 Table Grill features a two sided grill plate that has a side by side flat and griddled surface, ideal for meats, vegetables, pizzas and crepes alike.

The other side of the grill top has marked circles for the mini fry pans to be placed on and for cooking perfectly round pancakes, crepes and mini omelettes.

The table grill is ideal for up to 8 people and comes complete with 8 mini fry pans, 8 raclettes and 8 scrapers for serving melted cheese from the raclette.

The underneath of the Solis 5 in 1 table grill has a handy cold zone for resting pans on when not in use and keeping your dining table free from clutter.

The grill has variable controls for adjusting the temperature and are illuminated to easily view the status of the heating procedure - red for heating up and green for ready.

The non-stick grill plate is removable, along with the base plate for easy and convenient cleaning.

The mains cable can also be removed for storage and safety.

1400 watt (1200 watt heat from above and 200 watt heat from below)



One side of the grill plate features a half grooved and half flat grill. It is perfect for grilling both meat and vegetables. 


Place the raclette pans (included) underneath the top grill to use top down heat to melt the cheese. Then either top, or pour over other items for delicious raclette!

Stir Fry...

The other side of the reversible top grill features circular plates, designed as perfect stands for the included mini woks, great for small portion stir fry!

Crepe Plate...

Perhaps something sweet takes your fancy? The circular plates are also ideal for making perfectly round pancakes, crepes and mini omelettes.


A optional lower heating element applies heat from the bottom, making it easy to keep food warm, or cook through. It's really useful for making mini pizzas!

8x Raclette Pans

Eight raclette pans with a robust triple non-stick coating are included with the 5-in-1 table grill - just the thing for melting cheese!

8x Mini Woks

Also included are eight mini-woks. These fit into the circular plates on the grill top and can be used for single portion stir frys.

8x Scrapers

These eight scrapers are just the thing to help you spread your grilled raclette cheese over bread, meat or veg. 

Perfect For...


The 5-in-1 table grill is great for dinner parties. Suitable for 8 people to use, the grill will be a gourmet experience to remember and a talking point for your guests, ensuring that it is a party to remember. 


The 5-in-1 Table Grill is equally perfect for just a cosy evening in. If you don't want to spend the evening in the kitchen then use the grill, relax and unwind, cooking something quick and simple right at the table. 


The Solis 5-in-1 Table Grill is also ideal for use outdoors. Perhaps you don't want the hassle of lighting the BBQ, or just want something extra to accompany it!

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