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Sku: 251382709

Le Creuset Volcanic Cast Iron 27cm Tagine

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Le Creuset Volcanic Cast Iron 27cm Tagine
The Le Creuset cast iron Tagine is designed for slow cooking meat and vegetables with a small amount of liquid. The cast iron base evenly distributes heat and can be used on any heat source, or on its own as a baking dish in the oven. Le Creuset cast iron cookware works efficiently at low to medium cooking temperatures and retains heat effectively, ensuring food stays warm for longer.

The Stoneware 'Coolie' style lid offers the same cooking properties as the earthenware original. Steam is re-condensed into water droplets on its cool walls which falls back into the ingredients keeping them succulent and moist.

The Tagine is available in a range of vibrant colours to suit any kitchen or style.

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