Chinese New Year – The Tradition


Chinese New Year is one of China’s most celebrated dates throughout the year. This old Chinese tradition revolves around the Luna calendar and varies on date from year to year as it is shorter than a traditional solar calendar year. The true reason behind this origin is not known for certain although there are many […]

Baking, Pastry and Icing Buying Guide

Baking Pastry Icing Buying Guide

Baking is an ever popular home tradition which continues to grow in popularity thanks to TV programmes like ‘The Great British Bake Off’. More and more shows feature baking, from learning the basics right up to more advanced cake decoration with lavish recipes for extraordinary cupcakes and cookies. This makes baking a very versatile and […]

Kitchen Tools and Utensils Buying Guide

Kitchen Tools and Utensils Buying Guide

Kitchen tools and utensils are used for preparing, baking, cooking and generally helping with a variety of tasks in the kitchen. As well as being practical, tools and utensils are now designed to be stylish, fitting in with a brand or range in your home. These tools have adapted and improved over the years to […]