The Mousetrap Theatre - School of Wok

Author: Clare Smith


Harts of Stur are proud to be sponsoring the Mousetrap theatre at the Sturminster Newton Cheese Festivalfor the third year running. We have a great line up of demonstrations including great chefs featuring delicious recipes, baking fun for the kids and professional masterclasses in wine-making, butchery and curing to name but a few. In the build up to the festival we will be introducing each demonstrator in a mini-bio and series of questions and answers about their work and what they enjoy about the cheese festival. The next blog in our series is all about Jeremy Pang from the School of Wok

Introducing Jeremy Pang from The School of Wok

Jeremy Pang is the founder and head chef at The School of Wok in London. Jeremy started his career studying at Bath University and teaching his fellow housemates how to cook Chinese food. After a few career changes, Jeremy embarked on of The School of Wok. He began by teaching people to cook Chinese food in their own homes and walking tours of Chinatown highlighting the best places to buy the finest produce for their recipes and of course a bit of history. School-Of-Wok-Featured-Image

Tell us who or what inspired you to start The School of Wok?

My dad both ways really. Unfortunately he passed away in 2009, I lost my job on the day of his burial, and then thought to myself, what should I do? My dad was a fantastic chef (not by trade in the end, but through passion). I always thought he would be good on TV - I guess I'm living both our dreams now! He was trying to fuel my passion for the food trade for a few years. My wife then suggested I teach cooking and so School of Wok was born!

What are you most looking forward to seeing or doing at the Cheese festival?

I’m looking forward to doing my demos and then going to find as much Cheese as possible to bring home! (I know what I will be eating on Saturday night!)

What is your favourite Cheese?

That's a tough choice, I'm a big fan of a simple Port Salut. I could easily eat a whole chunk of that, but then again, I really like a creamy blue cheese - but that's less of an everyday snack!

What would be your food heaven and what would be your food hell?

My food heaven is crispy Mantis Shrimp cooked in chilli and garlic, a dish from East Malaysia or chicken wings and chips on the beach. My food hell is Risotto, it must be the Chinese rice palate, we tend find Risotto a little 'overcooked' in texture I guess!

When and Where?

You will be able to see Jeremy on stage at the Mousetrap Theatre on Saturday 9th September at 2pm. Please come along and we hope you enjoy the Cheese Festival.