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Zwilling J A Henckels Sharpening Steels

Zwilling J A Henckels Sharpening Steels
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Zwilling J A Henckels knives stay sharp for a long period of time, but even the sharpest knives will lose the initial performance over time, no matter how carefully you treat them. To enjoy the sharpness of your Zwilling J A Henckels knives for a life time you need to re-sharpen them every now and again. Always use a high quality steel, stone or knife sharpener to sharpen your high quality Zwilling J A Henckels Knives. To sharpen your knives using a Zwilling J A Henckels sharpening Steel:

1. Put the blade to the top of the steel. Here you should apply an angle of approx 20 degree.
2. Now draw the knife in a slight curve towards you.
3. Repeat this movement at the back of the steel to sharpen the other side of the blade as well.
4. Repeat step 2 and 3 about five to ten times, alternately sharpening the back or front of the blade.

Please be sure to maintain the 20 degree angle from tip to handle over the complete length of the blade. The speed of the process has no impact on the result. Right handers should hold the steel in the left hand, and the knife in the right hand. Left handers, obviously, should reverse this.

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