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Zwilling J A Henckels Knives

Zwilling J A Henckels have been producing the highest quality knives in Solingen, Germany, for over 275 years. Rightly famed and desired among professionals and hobby chefs worldwide. Henckels are restless innovators, and tireless perfectionists. The Henckels message is always the same: NO COMPROMISE.

Up to 40 manufacturing steps are necessary to produce a top quality Henckels knife, from the ice-hardening process that the steel undergoes right through to the precision laser-testing of each blade before it is approved. In a world of automation and robotics, the Henckels factory is still a remarkable human place.

Zwilling J A Henckels ranges include: Henckels Four Star (with the original and much imitated polypropylene handle); Henckels Professional S (with riveted handles for the traditionalist) and Henckels Twin Cuisine (the world's first transverse tanged knife). An online exclusive to Harts Of Stur Henckels Twin 1731, a timeless classics that has the power to fascinate people over generations commissioned by the internationally acclaimed architect and designer Matteo Thun.

Cutting by definition is "to drive a wedge through something". The sharpness of a knife depends on its cutting edge. A high acute angle in combination with a thin wedge and smooth cutting surface makes sharper blades. How long a knife retains its sharpens depends on the hardness of the steel, In addition a blade has to be flexible and resistant to corrosion. The materials and manufacturing processes used by Zwilling J A Henckels meet theses high demands in the following ways:

Special Formula - Henckels strive for the perfect raw material. Top quality starts with the raw material. The steel used for Henckels knives is made to order to a special Zwilling J A Henckels formula. This special formula is constructed from an optimum balance of chromium and carbon, resulting in a blade that is hard and sharp as well as flexible and corrosion resistant. 

SIGMAFORGE® - Henckels knives are forged with precision from one single piece of steel. Forging is at the core of the knife production and is where a knife's shape is formed under extreme conditions by using temperature and power. It is the coordination of temperature and power that Zwilling J A Henckels has effectively improved to manufacture SIGMAFORGE knives. SIGMAFORGE is the process of using well calculated and controlled temperature where it is needed. Only part of the black is heated in the early stage , uninfluenced by the heat the quality if the steel's structure in the blade remains fully intact. A prerequisite for the special hardness, lasting sharpness and flexibility of a Henckels SIGMAFORGE knife. Henckels knives are precision-forged from one single piece resulting is a flawless geometry knife.

FRIDOUR® - Henckels knives are hardened to the optimum. The material's optimum hardness is important: if the steel is too soft the knife will go blunt quickly, if it is too hard the knife will break easily. Zwilling J A Henckels has optimised the hardening process to find the steel's optimum temperature. The quality of FRIDOUR marks knives has been improved by a special ice-hardening process. Ice hardened knives are remarkably sharp, flexible and corrosion-resistant.

Grinding - Zwilling Henckels knives deliver perfect sharpness. The blades optimum profile is achieved by a mulit-stage grinding process. The even edge from tip to bolster deliveres perfect and long lasting sharpness.

Laser Controlled Sharpness - Zwilling J A Henckels leave nothing to chance. For the final quality control Zwilling J A Henckels have developed a special laser quality control. A laser checks that the cutting edge is even and accurate along the full length of the blade. Henckels promise you perfect knives in top quality, a promise they keep.

The Finish - Zwilling J A Henckels deliver a seamless surface. A high quality knife can be recognized by the surface treatment, especially between handle and bolster. Small joints or burrs will make the knife uncomfortable to use and unhygienic. Not with Zwilling J A Henckels knives. The surface of Henckels knives have been carefully de-burred. Seamless joints prevent bacteria and germs from settling while at the same time delivering smooth handling.

Metal Bolster - The bolster forms the transition from the knife's handle to the blade. It is shaped as a finger guard and does not only provide safety but also a proper distribution of weight.

Hardness Of The Blade The hardness of the blade is the decisive factor for the initial sharpness and cutting edge retention of a knife. The hardness of a blade is measured in Rockwell. The higher the Rockwell degree the sharper the knife, Zwilling J A Henckels Four Star Henckels Professional S Henckels Twin Cuisine are made from a special formula steel that allows a hardness of 56-58.

Quality For Life - Zwilling J A Henckels knives are a worthwile investment. Properly looked after, you will enjoy Zwilling J A Henckels knives for many years, backed up by the reassurance of a lifetime gurantee.

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