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For many years, knife manufacturers have been trying to achieve the ultimate cutting edge which is rated using a Rockwell hardness scale (liken it to degrees Fahrenheit) - the highest being Rockwell 62° (this is like the boiling point of water).

However, the brittleness of the knife has made this impossible to produce commercially without using a Damascus method, which is very expensive. I.O.Shen have overcome this problem by sandwiching 2 softer outer layers (Rockwell 10°) of steel with Rockwell 62° to produce the ultimate cutting edge. I O Shen call this Triplex Steel Technology

All the knives in the I.O.Shen range have used the very latest technology to construct a blade that is not only amazingly sharp but will also retain their edge for a phenomenal amount of time. They have also been hand sharpened to a 15° angle, which allows for wonderful slicing and portion control.

The unique Tai Tang handle design distinguishes I.O.Shen from any other knife. It is an essential factor in acheiving balance and stability. The Tai Tang is not simply an embellishment, it is an integral part of the handle.

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