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I.O.Shen Miho Slicer Flat Edged Knife FREE Whetstone Worth £19.96

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Flat edge for smooth slicing

Triplex steel technology produces an exceptional cutting edge that stays sharper for longer

FREEI O Shen Mastergrade 120/320 Grit Whetstone Worth £19.96

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I.O.Shen Miho Slicer Flat Edged Knife FREE Whetstone Worth £19.96
The I.O. Shen Miho Slicer has many uses including slicing meat and raw fish. The flat edge allows for smooth, aesthetically pleasing slices when working on large sections of food.

Minimal flex gives you complete control of your slices. This knife is super long and razor sharp.

"Every pitmaster needs a trusted brisket blade. Thank you I.O. Shen!"
Christian Stevenson AKA DJ BBQ.

"BBQ is about big meat and brisket is a huge slab of beef. You need a big knife to cut smoothly through, minimal flex and thin to glide through like butter".
Marcus Bawdon, CountryWoodSmoke, UK BBQ Mag Editor.

"This is 14 inches of laser like steel finesse, combined with the perfect amount of flex for smooth, single stroke slicing."
Alvin Harris AKA Dr Sweetsmoke, BBQ legend.

I.O. Shen knives use Triplex steel technology for an exceptionally sharp and long lasting cutting edge. The hardness of steel is measured using a Rockwell hardness scale. The harder the steel the longer it stays sharp. The downside to this is that it is also very brittle.

To overcome this problem, I.O. Shen sandwich a layer of Rockwell 62° steel (the hardest steel available) between two softer layers of Rockwell 10° steel. This is then expertly hand sharpened to a 15° angle.

I.O. Shen's unique Tai Tang handle sets it apart from any other knife. The design isn't just an embellishment, it's an integral part of the handle providing balance and stability.

Lifetime manufacturer's guarantee.

Hand wash only.
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