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Kilner Jars

John Kilner founded the company in 1842 and is was originally best known for the Kilner jars that were essential items for preserving, pickling and jam making. Kilner has been winning awards since as early as 1862 and it is now a household name, known worldwide as the leading producer of preserving jars. The original Kilner glass jar was created towards the end of the 19th century. It was recognisable by the pressure seal lid and simple yet iconic design which have both gained it extensive popularity over the years. Kilner jars were marketed in the 1900s as ‘the original and the best, all other brands are substitutes’, and this is a slogan that is still just as relevant over 100 years later.

The original Kilner glass jar was pressure sealed with a metal disc and screw band, designed to keep the contents fresh over long periods of time. Variations of this jar are still sold today. Home preserving has grown again in popularity more recently, with concerns over the environment and food wastage. This not only means that Kilner jars are a great choice, but the range of jars available has expanded with demand. Kilner jars are no longer restricted to just being used for preserving as the simple yet elegant style has many fans. So much so that there are now a wide variety of Kilner storage jars and bottles for a range of different purposes. Take a look at our full range today!

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