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Kilner Drink Bottles & Accessories

Kilner Drink Bottles & Accessories

Kilner Bottles & Drinking Accessories

Kilner bottles are just the thing if you are looking to create, preserve or store juice, oils or dressings that you have made. The classic clip top Kilner bottle features a traditional swing top locking system. The plastic cap creates an airtight seal which ensures that the contents remain perfectly fresh. The easy opening lid and design of the bottle also makes it easy to use and great for serving drinks or vinaigrettes at the table. In addition to Kilner bottles this section also includes Kilner drinking jars and other drinking accessories. Kilner drinking jars feature the classic and elegant Kilner jar design, with an attached handle. Coupled with the clip top Kilner bottles, these drinking jars are the perfect thing for enjoying homemade lemonade in style!

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