Le Creuset Satin Black

Le Creuset Satin Black

Le Creuset Satin Black Cast Iron Cookware - Cast iron has been used as a material for cookware since Roman times. Even with today's wide choice of cooking materials, cast iron, still forged and crafted by hand, reigns supreme with its versatility, good looks and ability to retain and spread heat evenly. Le Creuset began producing its first porcelain enamelled cast iron pots in 1925 from its foundry in Fresnoy le Grand, France. It is from this base that Le Creuset continues to produce its world famous cast iron cookware. While Le Creuset has expanded its portfolio of products and has taken advantage of many technological advances to create new and exciting ranges of cookware and accessories, some things have not changed in the manufacture of Le Creuset's cast iron range of products since its start in 1925.

Le Creuset's cast iron cookware is by way of their design, production methodology and functionality, literally unique. Each product is cast in its own sand mould, which is broken after casting. This creates an uniqueness for each item. After the casting, the production is hand finished by skilled French artisans, many of whom come from families that have been with the company for decades. Multiple layers of incredibly strong, chip-resistant enamel are carefully applied to each piece. The enamelling process gives Le Creuset cast iron its characteristic beauty and creates a tough, non-reactive surface.

Satin Black Le Creuset Cookware - Le Creuset cast iron round, oval and shallow casseroles (cocottes). Wide variety of sizes, perfect for oven to table use, each casserole is a uniquely individually made product.

Satin Black Le Creuset Seperates - Le Creuset cast iron skillets, fry pans, omelettes pans, grills and grillits with satin black interiors for searing, frying and grilling. Le Creuset cast iron dishes for roasting and baking and Le Creuset Cast Iron Wok. Le Creuset enamelled steel traditional and kone kettles. Satin Black Le Creuset Saucepans- Le Creuset cast iron 16cm, 18cm and 20cm saucepans and 3 piece saucepan set all with helper handles.

Satin Black Le Creuset Stoneware - Le Creuset stoneware rectangular and oval dishes, ramekins, petite casseroles, soup and bean pots and Le Creuset Satin Black Mugs.

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