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Satin Black Le Creuset Signature Cast Iron Cookware

Satin Black Le Creuset Signature Cast Iron Cookware

Le Creuset Signature Cast Iron Satin Black Enamelled Cookware. Energy efficient - absorbs, spreads and retains heat evenly only requires a low to medium heat. Versatile - suitable for all heat source including induction. Oven to table - attractive and will keep food warm. Oven & Dishwasher safe. New Siganture advanced sand interior enamel. New 45% larger handles and stainless steel knob for a safer grip.

Le Creuset Lifetime Guarantee. Le Creuset Satin Black Cast Iron Cookware Interior- Le Creuset Satin Black enamel interior has a smooth satiny feel to it and has been especially designed for high "surface" temperature cooking for example searing and grilling. It has excellent, easy food release properties, which are enhanced once a natural surface PATINA develops. It is not a non-stick surface and Le Creuset makes no claims otherwise, but, once the patina covers the cooking surface the release of foods improves such that little, or no, fats or oils are required.

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