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Riedel Decanters

Riedel Decanters

Riedel Wine Decanters

Riedel believe strongly in the importance of decanting and have been emphasising this for many years. Decanting exposes wines to oxygen allowing them to breathe. This in turn allows aromas to develop. In red wines this tends to mean a more fruity flavour and it also takes off the ‘rough’ edge of the tannins. Riedel decanters are award winning, demonstrating the expertise that the company has when it comes to designing wine products of all types. The range of Riedel wine decanters covers both machine blown and superbly hand crafted products. The collection includes a number of different shapes, styles and sizes. Decanters are generally accepted by wine drinkers as being necessary for mature red wines. However, there is now a growing understanding that other wines can also benefit from decanting. Riedel highlight that any wine that would benefit from aging can be decanted, which includes white wines and champagnes. Young wines will take on a smoother taste when decanted and can stand up to a more vigorous decant. Mature wines are better decanted in more simple decanters as they can suffer from over-oxidation more easily than younger wines. Take a look at our range of Riedel decanters below.

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