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Riedel Wine Glasses

Riedel are an Austrian company who are a renowned and award winning manufacturer of wine glasses. Now being run by the 11th generation of the family, the company has a family link with luxury glassware that dates back as far as 1678. Generation after generation have continued to grow and expand the business. The company as we know it today was brought about by 9th generation, Claus Josef Riedel. Claus recognised that the shape of a wine glass had a substantial influence on the flavour of the wine. As a result, Riedel were the first company to design grape varietal glasses with the introduction of their Sommelier range, released in 1973. Further additions to the range of Riedel wine glasses have built on the grape varietal nature of these earlier glasses.

Riedel grape varietal glasses are adapted based on three specific variables. The shape and size of the bowl, and the diameter of the glass rim. These three factors are altered in particular combinations to craft glasses that are suitable for different varieties of wine, champagne and spirits. These three variables work together to highlight and enhance four particular sensations within wine; bouquet (aroma), texture, favour, and finish. Varietal specific wine glasses are not restricted to simply ‘red wine’ or ‘white wine’. Instead, Riedel red wine glasses cover a range of different grape varieties, from Bordeaux to Pinot Noir, Shiraz and more. Riedel white wine glasses cover Savignon, Chardonnay, Riesling and more.

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