Riedel O Glasses

Riedel O Glasses

Riedel 'O' Stemless Wine Glasses

Riedel ‘O’ is one of the newer ranges of Riedel glasses. Released in 2004, these Riedel stemless wine glasses are machine blown using crystal glass to give them both a light and superior feel whilst remaining strong. The stemless glass design of the Riedel ‘O’ range means that they are comfortable to hold and look great too. The aim of this range was to provide a casual, contemporary and uncomplicated wine glass. Riedel stemless wine glasses are easy to store at home. Not only will they fit comfortably in your cupboards (unlike some stemmed wine glasses), but they can also sit inside one another to save extra space. Riedel ‘O’ glasses feature a grape varietal bowl. This means that they are shaped according to the flavour palette of different types of wines and are specifically designed to enhance the taste. However, these glasses are also incredibly versatile and can be used for juice, soft drinks, or water – making them great for everyday use, as well as special occasions. In addition to wine glasses the range now includes gin and champagne glasses.

Machine blown for strength. Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. Crystal glass for a lighter design. Stemless design. Grape varietal bowl for enjoying each wine type.

These Riedel O stemless glasses are designed and machine blown from crystal glass for a grape varietal bowl. Each glass fully engages all of your senses ensuring you get the best possible taste from your wine.

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