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Riedel Vinum Glasses

Riedel Vinum Glasses

Riedel Vinum

Riedel Vinum is the most successful glassware range that Riedel produce and is a world renowned range. It was created in 1986 by Georg J. Riedel, so has been manufactured for over 30 years, whilst the company itself has been running for over 260 years. Riedel Vinum glasses are the first grape varietal-specific machine made glass in history. These glasses have been made to bring out the best qualities of various different types of wines, engaging all of your senses so you can experience the best possible taste. The glasses have a 24% crystal glass design and are made from thinner glass with a delicate rim for a quality feel and finish. Through the process of machine making these Riedel Vinum glasses the company is living up to their philosophy of creating functional wine glasses that are both high performing and reasonably priced. To make these glasses yet more functional they are also dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. Due to their grape-varietal design, Vinum glasses are available in a range of sizes for different types of wines.  

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