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Sage The InFizz Fusion

Sage The InFizz Fusion

Sage The InFizz Fusion

Introducing the InFizz Fusion by Sage, a revolutionary home carbonation machine that redefines beverage carbonation. Unlike traditional carbonators that limit you to water, the InFizz™ Fusion, powered by the innovative FusionCap, allows you to carbonate any drink, from sodas and juices to cocktails and wines.

At the core of the InFizz Fusion is the FusionCap, featuring a two-stage pressure release control. This technology ensures you can precisely carbonate a variety of beverages with ease. The red switch on the FusionCap offers controlled depressurization, preventing over-foaming with a slow release, or a fast release for quick carbonation of water.

Creativity meets simplicity with the InFizz Fusion. Its twist and lock system guarantees secure and straightforward operation, while the ability to infuse additional flavours and maintain peak carbonation makes it a versatile addition to any kitchen.

The InFizz Fusion is not just functional but also stylish, available in premium brushed stainless steel and Luxe Collection colours like Black Truffle, Sea Salt, Damson Blue, and the Noir Edition. Its compact design ensures it fits seamlessly on your benchtop, and the sturdy die-cast lever along with a magnetic stainless steel drip tray makes maintenance a breeze.

Beyond its innovative features, the InFizz range promotes environmental sustainability by reducing single-use plastic waste, making it a cost-effective and eco-friendly choice.

You can elevate your carbonation experience with additional accessories like extra bottles, allowing you to stock your fridge with a variety of your favourite fizzy drinks.

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