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Sku: 13821000

Chef's Choice 2100 Commercial Diamond Hone Electric Sharpener

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Sharpens straight-edge and serrated knives

3 stage sharpening

Precision angled guides

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Chef's Choice 2100 Commercial Diamond Hone Electric Sharpener
The Chef's Choice 2100 Commercial Diamond Sharpener is one of the most advanced sharpeners on the market.

In just a few seconds it can produce the patented triple bevel Trizor-Plus edge on any type of European kitchen knife (straight-edged and serrated) as well as butchers knives and sporting knives.

The simple three-stage process uses 100% diamond abrasive disks for the first two stages.

Stage one removes the old edge whilst creating the initial bevel at angle of approximately 40°.

Stage two uses a finer abrasive to shape a second bevel.

Stage three uses ultra-fine proprietary stropping disks to polish and create the final bevel for razor sharp finish with a remarkable 'bite'.

The precise elastomeric angle guides accurately positions the knife’s blade to the optimum angle and pressure for the best results.

The whole of the sharpening module (including the guides and abrasives) are removable and can be cleaned in a dishwasher

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