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Cocktail Glasses

Cocktail Glasses

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Cocktail Glasses

Depending on your choice of cocktail drink there are many types of cocktail glasses available. Over time these cocktail mixing glasses have evolved, each one designed specifically to heighten your drinking experience by enhancing aromas, improving the taste, temperature control, or simply to look trendy and stylish. From traditional vintage cocktail glasses to something a little quirky and unique, like pineapple cocktail glasses. We are sure you'll find the relevant cocktail glass you're looking for here.

To get the full authentic mixed drink experience, you will require the perfect cocktail glass. Each drink has its own custom flair to be enjoyed.  Sophisticated coupe cocktail glasses are ideal for the classic Manhattan or other similar small strong cocktails served without ice. Martini cocktail glasses are ultimately the most recognizable of all styles and perfect for strong, strained drinks. Iconic Margarita glasses have been specially designed with a large wide bowl leaving plenty of room for garnishes and will compliment a variety of frozen cocktails. Tall, tulip-shape Hurricane cocktail glasses are also an excellent choice for frozen cocktails and are ideal for tropical themed and fruity cocktail drinks. Whereas tall cocktail glasses, such as highball or Collins are the best choice for mixed drinks which are diluted with multiple mixers or lots of ice.

Become a skilled mixologist and serve your magnificent creations from the comfort of your own home with our selection of cocktail glasses and cocktail glasses sets. To really complete your home mixing station, why not check out our cocktail sets and accessories.

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