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Knife Sets

Knife Sets

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  1. Global G-WATER7B Water Mizu 7 Piece Knife Block Set

    In Stock

  2. Kasumi 2 Piece Santoku Boxed Knife Set

    In Stock

  3. Global Ukon GU-3002 Sakura 3 Piece Knife Set

    In Stock


Knife Sets

If you’re looking for new kitchen knives then a knife set could very well be the best choice. Knife sets are a vital piece of equipment for any kitchen. They come in a range of sizes and with a varying number of pieces, with knives for different purposes. A good knife set will include everything from basic chopping knives to more specialist knives for custom kitchen tasks, meaning you can have knives available for every kitchen task. Generally, a knife set will contain a minimum of a paring knife, a utility/chefs knives and a bread knife. However, more comprehensive sets may include more than one of these as well as boning knives, carving knives and cleavers. 

The best way to choose the perfect knife set for you is to consider how many knives you are likely to require as well as the variety of tasks that you will need to carry out. You will then want to filter based on your budget. Our top tips when buying knife sets are to always keep your knives sharp so that they work to their full potential and to ensure they will continue to last and perform well for years to come. Knife block sets are also a great option as they be kept safely on the kitchen counter, meaning no sharp knives in drawers. Keeping your knives together in a block means that they always have a place and can be kept tidy and organised.

If you are also keen to save on countertop space then consider a magnetic knife wall rack. We have a great range of knife sets from top brand such as; Global, Furi, Wusthof and many more. We also stock a wide array of different styles of knife block sets from classic wooden designs to modern and contemporary styles so if you are looking for knife sets in block then you are in the right place. .

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