Creaing A Gift Registry


In order to create a Gift Registry, you must have an account with our site. To login to an existing account, or to create a new account with us, hit the link below. When you login or create your account, you will automatically be logged into the members area of the site.

To login to your account in future, or to access the members area if you are already logged in, click the 'person' icon towards the top right of your screen.


Now that you have an account, you can create a Gift Registry. From your account page there is a link to Gift Registries.

If you're on a PC, laptop, or some tablets, the link will be on a menu on the left hand side of the screen.

For users on mobile devices, or some tablets, you will need to open the 'Navigate Account' menu directly under the header 'My Dashboard'

Alternatively, if you are already logged in, hit the button below to go directly to the page.

Now simply follow the onscreen instructions to create your Gift Registry, making sure to include all required information.

Please be aware that if you set the visibility of your list to 'Public' then the event details (List Owner Name, Event Date/Location) will be searchable on our site. See our Gift Registry FAQs for more details

Once you have created your Gift Registry, you will be taken to the 'Edit Gift Registry' page. Here you can change the settings and info, manage items on your list, share it with your friends, and view the list as your guests will see it.


Now for the fun part - adding items to your Gift Registry!

Once you have found an item on the site that you would like to add to your Gift Registry, there are three ways to do so.

If you only have one Gift Registry then items will automatically be added. If you have more than one then you will be asked which Registry or Registries you wish to add the product(s) to.

1. Product Page
Click the 'Gift Registry' link from the product page. The link can be found just under the product image.

2. Basket Page
You can move an item to your Gift Registry from your basket. Visit the basket page and click the 'Move To Gift Registry' link on the item(s) that you wish to add.

3. Wishlist
If the item is on an existing Wishlist, it can be moved to your Gift Registry. Just go to your Wishlist and click the 'Add to Gift Registry' link on any desired products.


Once you have added items to your Gift Registry, you can edit them, alter the quantity, add a note for guests and/or add or change a priority.
You can also delete items from your list - provided they haven't already had a purchase.

To edit your Gift Registry, login to your account, select 'My Gift Registries' and choose the Gift Registry that you would like to edit.
Then choose 'Manage Items (on mobile devices, this is under the 'Gift Registry Navigation' menu).
You will then see a list of the items currently on your Gift Registry, and can edit them in a few different ways:

1. Add A Note
You can add a short message that will display alongside the product to your guests.

2. Change Priority
This will alter the priority that is displayed to your guests. It's will let guests see which are your most desired items vs those which are 'nice-to-haves'

3. Quantity
This simply lets your guests know how many of each item are desired.

Please be aware that changes must be saved using the 'Update Changes' button.

You can also click the ‘remove from list’ link to delete any specific item(s) from your Gift Registry if you have changed your mind. However, if any item has already been purchased, you cannot remove it from your list. The ‘Manage Items’ page does show you how many of an item have been purchased.


Once you have added some items to your Gift Registry, you can use the 'Guest View' option under the Gift Registry Navigation to check out how the list will appear to our guests when you share it with them.


You’ve added items and checked how they will display, so now you’re ready to share the list with your family, friends and guests! From the ‘Edit Gift Registry’ page, select ‘Share with Friends’ from the menu. You have a few options for sharing your Gift Registry.

1. Copy The Link
Copy the link that we provide to your Gift Registry and share that with friends.

2. Share Via Social Media
Use the links on the 'Share' page to post the link to your social media.

3. Email
Add email addresses (each one separated by a comma) and our system will automatically send an invite to your guests.


The ‘Purchased Items’ page shows you which items have been purchased and who has purchased them.

Not only does this page keep you up to date with purchases from your list, but it is a great resource for writing Thank You letters after your event!

You will also receive notifications by email when an item has been purchased.


We have put together a separate guide on purchasing items from a Gift Registry, which can be found here. Here are a few key things that you as the Gift Registry owner might like to make note of;

1. Gift Registry orders can only be paid for via Credit or Debit card.

2. The ‘Shipping Address’ on the order will be the address that you specify when creating and/or editing the Gift Registry. However, this address will not be shown to guests at any stage when they order.


Gift Registry orders will not be dispatched when they are placed. Instead, they will be held with us and dispatched together as a single order.

When you’re ready to receive your Gift Registry items, please get in touch with us directly via our contact form, via email at [email protected], or via phone at 0800 371 355 and we will arrange for a courier delivery of your items at a time that suits you.

To arrange delivery, we will need your Gift Registry ID and for security reasons, delivery must be to the shipping address set on your Gift Registry.

Can We Help?

If you have questions about any aspect of our Gift Registry, please feel free to get in touch.