Gift Registry FAQs


How is delivery arranged? +-

All items purchased from a Gift Registry will be kept in our warehouse until delivery is arranged with the Gift Registry owner. Delivery must be to the delivery address set on the Gift Registry, which can be a UK address only.

Can I place a Gift Registry order over the phone? +-

We can take Gift Registry orders over the phone if necessary. We will need to know the Gift Registry ID so that the products can be correctly allocated against the correct Gift Registry.

Can age restricted items be added to Gift Registries and purchased? +-

You can add age restricted items like knives to your Gift Registry. Please be aware that guests purchasing age restricted items from your Gift Registry will need to complete an age check to verify their age, and we will need to use a courier which will age check for any age restricted items. Unfortunately the age check process means that any orders containing age restricted items will need to be placed online and cannot be placed via phone.


Will the Gift Registry owner see my details? +-

The owner of the Gift Registry will be able to see which items have been purchased from their list and the name of the person who has purchased each item.

What payment methods can I use? +-

Gift Registry orders can currently only be carried out using a credit or debit card.

How can I find a Gift Registry? +-

The owner of the Gift Registry should have shared a link with you which can be used to view the Gift Registry. Additionally, if the visibility of the Gift Registry is set to 'public' then you can find it using our Gift Registry Search if you know the Gift Registry ID or the name of the Gift Registry owner.

Why can't I add a Gift Registry item to basket? +-

Due to the differences in delivery options between Gift Registry and non-Gift Registry items, you cannot have a basket which contains both. You also may not have items from more than one Gift Registry in your basket at any one time. If you wish to checkout with both Gift Registry and non-Gift Registry items, you must complete separate checkouts.

If your basket is empty and you are still unable to add a Gift Registry item to basket, or are experiencing other issues, please contact us.


When creating my list, what does 'Visibility' mean? +-

Visibility can either be 'Public' or 'Private'. A list set to 'Public' is accessible via our onsite Gift Registry search as well as via your custom sharing link. 'Private' Gift Registries do not show in search and can only be accessed via the sharing link.

What info can my guests see? +-

Your guests will be able to see everything that you can see when on the 'Guest View' preview page of your Gift Registry. This will include your name, description and the the location and date that you have set on your Registry as well as the products.

Why can't I delete an item from my list? +-

You should be able to remove any item from your list, until it has been purchased. Once an item has purchases against it, that item cannot be removed from the Gift Registry. If an item has been added in error and since purchased, please contact us for assistance.

Will guests be able to see my address details? +-

Your guests will not be able to see your delivery address when they get to checkout. They will see a message which says 'Delivery address specified by the gift recipient'.