Purchasing From A Gift Registry

It’s really simple to order items from a Gift Registry at Harts Of Stur, but we've put together this guide to help you out.


The Gift Registry owner will have shared a link with you.
That may have been in the form of an email from us, on their social media, or they may have shared it with you some other way.

The first thing to do is the click on that link to view the Gift Registry.


Once you are on the Gift Registry page you will be able to see all the items that the Gift Registry owner has added to their list.
Underneath the product image is the name and price of the image.
There may be a message showing underneath the price if the Gift Registry owner has added one.

There will then be ‘Priority’, which is set to Low, Medium, or High, depending on how much the Gift Registry owner desires the item.
There are figures for ‘Desired Quantity’, indicating if the Registry owner would like more than one item(s), and the number of items ‘Purchased’.


If the number ‘Purchased’ is the same as the ‘Desired Quantity’, then the item will show as ‘Complete’ and there will be no ‘Add to Basket’ button.

However, if the ‘Desired Quantity’ has not yet been reached, you will have the option to add the item(s) to basket.

Please make sure that the Quantity shown in the box matches how many you wish to purchase, and does not exceed the ‘Desired Quantity’ with any items already ‘Purchased’ and then click ‘Add to Basket’.

Please note that once you have added a Gift Registry item to the basket then your basket is a 'Gift Registry Basket' and you will not be able to add any non-Gift Registry items.

Similarly, if you currently have non-Gift Registry items already in your basket, you will not be able to add a Gift Registry item.

You can add multiple Gift Registry items to your basket, as long as they are all from the same Gift Registry.


When you're ready to purchase the products, make your way to checkout. There are a few important points to remember.

At the current time, you can only pay for Gift Registry items via credit or debit card (either online or over the phone)

The delivery address for Gift Registry items will be the address set by the list owner. Items purchased from a Gift Registry will be held by us and delivery will be arranged with the list owner, so Gift Registry orders will not be dispatched under our usual delivery schedule.

Your name and the items purchased will be displayed to the list owner.

Can We Help?

If you have questions about any aspect of our Gift Registry, please feel free to get in touch.