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Sku: 175613

Riedel Hand Made Decanter Amadeo

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1.5L capacity,
35cm high,
Hand and mouth-blown from crystal glass

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Riedel Hand Made Decanter Amadeo
The Riedel Hand Made Decanter Amadeo is a favourite amongst all wine experts, this sculpture-like decanter share the same elegant form as a harp.

The two reasons to decant wines: Decant older wine to separate it from its sediment and decant a younger wine to increase aeration, which reveals more complexity and opens up aromas and flavors.

All wines types - young and old, red, white or sparkling, can be enhanced by decanting.

To care for Riedel Hand Made Decanter Amadeo, simly use bottle cleaners to gently remove stains from the inside.

Each decanter is unique since it is hand and mouth-blown from crystal glass.

1.5L capacity.

35cm high.

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