Explore Autumn

It can be sad to leave behind the summer and head into the darker months. However, there are some great and tasty treats to be had and we've got some top product picks as well as plenty of recipe inspiration and handy tips for making the most of Autumn. Have a look below.

Autumn & Winter Warmers

When the nights start to draw in and the weather begins to get colder and wet there is nothing better than some delicious, warm comfort food. Settle down in the sofa, pull the blankets in tight and enjoy a bowl of lovely bowl of soup or a tasty pie. We have some options that could make the cooking even easier too, from slow cookers to pie makers, as well as some inspiring recipes. Take a look below.

All manner of tasty warming meals ready when you want them. Slow cookers are a great easy and hassle free way to cook.

Treat yourself to a tasty stew or an appetizing casserole. With a good sized casserole or stockpot there will also be plenty for guests, or for leftovers!

A delicious, hot soup is one of the best ways to warm yourself up on a chilly autumn evening. Soup makers make them super easy to prepare.

Nothing beats a lovely pie in the colder months of the year. The Judge Pie Maker makes easy work of creating and cooking an array of delicious pies.

Some Other Essentials

You've sorted your main meal, but what will go with it? Here's a selection of tools and gadgets that will help you with that too. From mashers and ricers for the perfect mashed potato with your stew or casserole, to bread makers for a homemade side for your soups, through to camembert bakers and coffee machines for that extra treat.

A masher is all well and good, but for the perfect mashed potatoes that are delicate, creamy and airy, a potato ricer is the way to go.

Homemade bread is a true delight and is the perfect accompaniment for soups or stews. Use a bread maker to bake everything from simple loaves to more inventive recipes.

A lovely baked camembert is a real treat on a cold evening. It's perfect as a starter, side or supper and is great with some homemade bread and a glass of red wine...

No-one wants to head outside when it's cold and rainy, so what could be better than enjoying a lovely cup of coffee in the warmth of your own living room?

Preserve The Summer

Keep the tastes of Summer alive and minimise your food waste through the Autumn and Winter by making all manner of pickles and preserves that can be enjoyed during the colder months.

Choose from a range of jars and bottles that can either be used for storage of dry ingredients, or select some sealed preserve jars.

If you're hoping to enjoy some tasty homemade jams over the coming months, make sure you've got all the necessary kit, including jam strainers and funnels.

Make sure your jars are properly sealed, and that you know which is which with our labels, lids and covers. 

Maslin or preserving pans are just the thing for making all manner of chutneys, jams and preserves. Take a look at our range!

Autumnal Entertaining

It can be lonely going from Summer barbecues with family to cold, dark evenings. So move the party indoors and keep on entertaining! Here are a few suggestions from us on what you might need to stock up on...

Fondue sets are great for a dinner party centrepiece.

Table top grills let your guests cook their own food, taking the pressure off your prep and creating a lot of fun too!

Glasses for all drinks and all occasions from tumblers to champagne flutes. 

Up your wine game with a classic decanter

Well Dressed Autumn

Keep warm and dry this Autumn and Winter with a wide range of clothing for the whole family, including raincoats, jumpers, fleeces and more. 

Take a look at the full range of ladies clothing for this Autumn and Winter. From coats to knitwear, fleeces, scarves and woolly hats.

Gents can be stylish this Autumn too, with a good selection of mens clothing from top brands like Joules.

Our range of clothing for girls includes fluffy socks, coats and jackets, fleeces, leggings, bags and more.

Boys clothing includes coats, tops, bags and socks, all with stylish designs.

Autumn Living

Who doesn't enjoy a quiet and cosy evening in when the wind is howling and the rain is pouring outside? Heated blankets, candles and cushions from our housewares range will leave you comfortable, whilst our bird houses will protect our feathered friends from the elements too.

An electric heated blanket will keep you warm and snuggly on those cold evenings. From heated throws for cuddling on the sofa to heated bedsheets to keep the bed warm at night.

A gentle flickering candle is lovely on a dark Autumn evening, and coupled with the delightful fragrance, what could be better?

Planning an evening in with the nights getting colder and darker? Make sure you're settled on the sofa with a comfortable cushion.

Autumn is a great time to position bird boxes for as they can provide a great winter refuge for birds looking to find somewhere to roost. 

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