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Love Coffee?

Do you love coffee, but find that you're tired of weak, watery and disappointing coffee at home? Do you wish there was an easier way to experience the true cafe quality coffee you get from your chosen coffee shop, all from the comfort of your favourite armchair?

Well now there is...

Think back to the last time you had a truly satisfying coffee . . .

Are you thinking?

Thinking Coffee

Were you out at your favourite coffee shop, drinking that really great, cafe quality coffee that they serve...?

Coffee Shop

Wouldn't it be so much better if you could be sat at home enjoying a coffee just as satisfying? 

Coffee Home

Maybe you've tried to make cafe quality coffee at home before?

A cafetiere with fresh ground beans has a good taste, but doesn't give the espresso hit or the premium quality latte that you're after. 

You've tried pod machines, but they are lacking in flavour and finesse. 

You don't want to buy a more expensive machine that promises high performance but cannot deliver.

Perhaps you've given up trying to replicate that coffee shop taste at home?


Do you know the reason that the coffee you had in your local coffee shop tastes so great?

It all comes down to the commercial coffee machine they use to make your drink.

Commercial grade coffee machines have a range of features that are specifically designed to give consistently good coffee every single time.

These machines draw on the 4 key elements that result in a cafe quality coffee.

Get each of these elements right, coupled with some high quality, fresh coffee beans, and you've got yourself that satisfying espresso.

So what are these 4 key elements?

1. Dose Amount

1. Dose Amount

A consistent and balanced espresso requires a dose amount of 19-22g. If you don't have enough coffee then the resulting espresso lacks strength and body. Many commercial machines have automatic dose control for the perfect amount of coffee each time.

2. Water Temperature

2. Water Temperature

For the optimum coffee flavour, precise temperature control is vital. The ideal water temperature for most coffees is around 93 degrees C. Different beans may favour a few degrees either way, but this tends to be considered a good starting point. However, it is crucial that the temperature is maintained at a constant throughout extraction. Too low a temperature leads to a sour taste, and too high and the flavours will be bitter. Commercial machines use a PID controller to achieve and maintain the correct temperature.

3. Water Pressure

3. Water Pressure

Commercial machines use pre infusion to gradually increase the water pressure prior to extraction. This ensures that the coffee grounds are expanded before applying full pressure. Without this, channeling can occur. This means the water simply passes between the tamped coffee and the walls of the basket, leading to a bitter and over-extracted coffee. After pre-infusion, coffee should be extracted at roughly 9 bars of pressure for the best results. Too much pressure results in bitterness, too little and you will get a 'grassy' and underdeveloped taste. In commercial machines this is managed by an Over Pressure Valve. 

4. Steam Pressure

4. Steam Pressure

Commercial grade coffee machines have enough steam pressure to create microfoam. Microfoam is thousands of tiny bubbles that texture milk and trap the oils found in coffee beans to create a sweet and balanced espresso.

That's the 4 key elements.

That's also how the barista at your local coffee shop makes the perfect coffee each and every time.

So how does that help you to get the same quality coffee from the comfort of your own living room?


All Sage Coffee Machines deliver on all 4 key elements to ensure that you can get cafe quality coffee without leaving home.

All you need to do is select a model to start enjoying satisfying, cafe quality coffee in your own home... 

Sage The Duo Temp

Boiler Type: Thermocoil

Steam Wand: Manual

Great starter machine to manual espresso. All the essentials in a small footprint.

Sage The Bambino Plus

Boiler Type: ThermoJet

Steam Wand: Automatic

The perfect machine with a smaller footprint. Ideal for those with less space.

Sage The Barista Express

Boiler Type: ThermoCoil

Steam Wand: Manual

The best seller! All the features of the Bambino but with an integrated, adjustable bean grinder & doser.

Sage The Barista Pro

Boiler Type: ThermoJet

Steam Wand: Manual

All the great features of the Barista Express, but with a convenient digital screen for optimal control.

Sage The Barista Touch

Boiler Type: ThermoJet

Steam Wand: Automatic

Does everything that the Barista Pro does, but with a handy touch screen for one touch product selection.

Sage The Dual Boiler

Boiler Type: Dual Boiler

Steam Wand: Manual

Powerful dual boiler heating system for simultaneous extraction and steam.

Sage The Oracle

Boiler Type: Dual Boiler

Steam Wand: Automatic

All the best bits of the Dual Boiler, but with auto grind, dose and tamp for consistent quality.

Sage The Oracle Touch

Boiler Type: Dual Boiler

Steam Wand: Automatic

The Oracle supercharged! Touch screen selection of your favourite coffees. Presets and customisable options.

The models above come in a number of different colours. View all Sage Coffee Machines to explore the entire range.

Differences Explained

Higher spec Sage coffee machines have an increased amount of settings and options for customisation and personalisation of your coffee. However, some of the crucial differences are the heating system/boiler type and the type of steam wand. Here's a breakdown of what these different options mean...

Heating System

Thermocoil heating system


An integrated water coil made from stainless steel heats water as it passes along and accurately controls water temperature. Heat up takes just a minute or two so Thermocoil is fast and reliable.

Thermojet heating system


ThermoJet is the fastest heating system. It reaches optimum extraction temperature in just 3 seconds. This innovation means less waiting around and you can switch to steaming instantly after extraction.

Dual Boiler heating system

Dual Boiler

The Dual Boiler is a powerful heating system and is in the top of the line Sage models. It takes a little longer to heat up (5-6 minutes), but once ready to go you can extract coffee and use the steam wand simultaneously for 2 lattes in just 90 seconds!

Steam Wand

Automatic Steam Wand

Automatic Steam Wand

Let Sage take care of the tricky bit. Machines with Automatic steam wands will automatically steam milk to the perfect silky texture with microbubbles for that perfect cafe quality coffee. 

Manual Steam Wand

Manual Steam Wand

Take control and be the barista! You're in the driving seat with a manual steam wand, giving you the capability to hand craft microfoam. 

What Next?

Are you ready to start enjoying cafe quality coffee at home?