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Sage Coffee Machines & Grinders

Sage Coffee Machines & Grinders

Explore The Sage Coffee Machine Range

Find the Sage coffee machine that’s right for you with automatic and manual machines in the range, all designed for superior tasting coffee. Automatic models will do the hard work for you, creating a great espresso with so little effort from you whilst manual machines provide a real hands-on, barista style experience. Some of the Sage machines come with integrated grinders for the full bean to cup experience, or you can pick up a stand alone Sage coffee grinder for the perfect ground coffee to use in your espresso machine. Sage machines are quick and efficient, delivering your perfect espresso shot in less than a minute, and they are also designed for easy milk texturing for the perfect latte art. From the highly popular and bestselling Barista Express, to the top of the range Oracle Touch, you could be enjoying quality coffee at home.

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