• Le Creuset Easter Simnel Cake

    Le Creuset Easter Simnel Cake

    A moist fruitcake baked with a layer of golden marzipan in the centre and finished with a toasted marzipan topping. The Simnel cake dates back to medieval times when traditionally it was baked as a gift for Mothering Sunday and following the rules of lent the cake was kept and not eaten until Easter.

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  • Banana and Meringue Pie

    Banana & Pineapple Meringue Pie

    Discovered in Rio de Janeiro, this is the perfect dessert for a large gathering. Containing tropical fruit and with a super-sweet taste, it captures the colourful flavours of Brazil perfectly.

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  • Rosemary Yorkshire Puddings

    Le Creuset Rosemary Yorkshire Puddings

    Don’t just keep the “yorkies” for roast beef; adding flavours such as fresh herbs and spices to a simple, classic mix opens a whole world of variety in Yorkshire pudding eating. Serve these Rosemary “Yorkies” with roast lamb with a garlic and mint-infused gravy.

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